To fulfill our purpose,of promoting the use of renewables in our planet’s everyday life, we had to create a robust technology platform to serve our target markets at an industrial scale. While Sainc Energy is deeply rooted in science and innovative technology it is a market-driven company that works hard to understand and meet the needs of individual customers.

We are driven to find renewable alternatives to oil-based products and chemicals. We believe that everything that is made from oil today, can be made of wood and woody/herbaceous/algae tomorrow.

This vision implies two things that direct our efforts. First, all wasteful side streams in the production process must be minimized or eliminated. And hence our processes focus on minimization of impurities. All of the biomass output products must be valorized without waste. This is a sustainable and economically feasible way.

Second, the biomass fractions must be valorized to as high a value as possible. For example, lignin is not for fuel, but a source of aromatic compounds with a multitude of uses in the chemical and materials industry.

We have an incredible team to bring in the competencies to serve the needs of society and our customers in engineering and in partnership with them .

Understanding the scale of our undertaking we are willing to collaborate in the spirit of open innovation. This is well illustrated in two characteristic aspects of our company:

  1. Our production is based on Sainc Energy’s innovative roll out tp the market. We have designed the production platform to be streamlined and robust, allowing us to utilize contract manufacturing partners to leverage the fabrication expertise of our partners. Sainc Energy has carefully selected European R&D partners.
  2. Sainc Energy has built very efficient market leading new production technology processes from idea to market readiness through open-innovation and collaborative projects: Together we can achieve much more – and working with relevant partners and potential customers through the technology readiness levels (TRL) to really accelerates the commercialization and speed-to-market. Read more about our projects here.
  3. We continue to grow and provide our new solutions to the market that are rapidly moving towards more sustainable bio-based future. The bio-based revolution needs the political will to roll out environmentally sound products and processes, a will that should value the health of the planet over profits. It means that the subsidies that are currently been given to fossil based industries in the name of employment generation should be redirected to industries developing a healthy ans sustainable environment. This too will generate employment, and more importantly, human and animal health.


Sainc Energy and our partners are developing biorefineries to produce renewable fuel and biobased materials for rapidly growing and legally mandated markets.

The production of fuels and chemicals from biomass is an exciting and growing industry. Biorefinery projects are complex and need the developmental expertise and ambition Sainc has to offer.

Our flagship project in Villaralto, Spain, which will create local energy independence, hundreds of jobs through direct employment and land development initiatives, and help boost rural economies in the region, is under way with land secured and layout plans finalised.



Sainc Energy uses state of the art technology to convert biomass waste into bioethanol, purified lignin, xylose and xylitol which all can be transformed into a large variety of bioproducts like fuels, plastics, organic acids and surfactants.

By using Cellulosic Conversion Technology, biomass is cleaned and treated, then through enzymatic hydrolysis and fermentation is converted into useful bioproducts.

Our biorefinery initiatives will sustainably convert lignocellulosic residues into concentrated C5 and C6 sugars, lignins and biofuels and other biobased products valued across many different industries allowing for completely renewable, clean energy that benefits the environment and economy.

We are dedicated to rigorously and continually scaling up our technology to ensure we lead the use of advanced applications, avoid unnecessary risks and operate most efficiently and sustainably.