BioPower™provides liquid fuel sectors with a wide range of environmental benefits

While fulfilling customers’ (otherwise desirable but unmet) sustainability requirements, BioPower™’s solutions provide a broad range of sustainability and operational benefits, in particular, energy savings, higher yields, improved product and less waste.

BioPower™’s technology solutions contribute to the development of affordable sugars and renewable biochemicals from cellulosic feedstock. On its part, BioPower™ paves the way towards affordable 2nd generation biofuels and bio-based chemicals, hence enabling a paradigm shift in the chemical industry to move away from petroleum and change over to renewable biomass.

Lignocellulosic biomass – a variety of non-edible, woody materials – is the largest renewable reservoir of fermentable carbohydrates, aromatic compounds, and other chemical building blocks. It is composed of cellulose and hemicellulose embedded in lignin. The BioPower™ technology platform enables further improvements in the bioconversion of all parts of lignocellulosic biomass into value-added chemicals, including biofuels.

We at BioPower™ thrive to minimize the environmental footprint and reduce our customers’ dependence on fossil fuels by increasing production yields with reduced costs and energy consumption – making more out of less.

BioPower™ is a dependable and reliable partner in sustainable production

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